Sunday, September 10, 2017

Inés Navarro Edition

How to describe an enigma? An interview presented by Sussex County  Avant Garde non-profit corp.

Inés Navarro Edition

(Note, the following is a semi-fictional work of an interview)

IInés Navarro is from Argentina. The mediums with which I am familiar in her work is electronic music, sound landscape and video. This artist lets the work speak for itself. An achievement is that work may move away from personal attachment so that art can achieve endless variations of the spectator' experience.

It is through Ines that I discovered underground pop and shoegaze noize music. Through IInés Navarro I discovered the rich genius of R. Stevie Moore, Ariel Pink and many others. Currently Inés Navarro has 33 discs available for donation and download from http: // inesa. Bandcamp .com / music.

Over the years I have witnessed some of Inés Navarro‘s different collaborations. Among some are from East Coast, West Coast, Up North  and I live in the Southwest. At the end of the interview I forgot to ask if she had any questions.

Inés Navarro

Yes. I do not know if I am a musician. I am influenced by all means. I like some sounds and ideas of that culture and I try to reproduce it. When I was young I was more virgin. You're an artist, I'm not sure if I am. I'm so corrupt.

I just think the music is free. I started when I was 16 or 17 years old. I do not know why, but there was pure lyric and draws and I did not look at playing music because I saw freedom in people on television, obviously I was naive, but I think in its still true in reality
Another example: I have two invitations to play in London, but I have no money to do that, in other words, I am poor to do exactly all the things that musicians do.

I've been trying to merge facebook for a while the last phase of the merger will be adding to the family ... I did not even make a distinction between serious music and music for fun. Yes more is a matter of fun that depends on the money and resources you have I am currently working so that my music may sound more serious but it is simply the ability to acquire the appropriate technology that I have. I. my. money.

I recorded manners on an old PC. Today is always different with an old cheap guitar, today not because I have a stable job but always fun, because I could never think of making a plan if (incarnation) of the songs. I just hit Rec. (Record) and then I play without plans.

I like the Residents. I do not want to confuse what I think with my work on political presences. The human being is sometimes contradictory some people are not willing to believe it and see the world in the dichotomy way. Good and bad black and white.
It is difficult for a single account. Before I had an account in which (they) would reprimand me, (that why there is need for) another account to do politics. Now I am trying to combine but can not completely

I have no problem Chris telling me ... why do you have two accounts? For what? 

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